What is a bone graft?
Socket preservation bone grafting is a procedure in which your periodontist can prevent jawbone deformities after a tooth is pulled. It preserves the bone and minimizes further bone loss, making dental implant placement and a more aesthetically pleasing smile possible.

If you need a tooth pulled for any reason, ask your Periodontist about socket preservation bone grafting. The procedure is helpful not only to prepare the area for tooth replacement but also to stabilize the bone of the jaw and support surrounding teeth.

What should I expect during a socket preservation bone graft?
After your periodontist numbs the treatment area and removes a tooth from its socket, they can immediately complete the socket preservation bone graft procedure. Your provider fills the empty socket with a piece of bone or a bone substitute, covering it with a protective membrane, gum tissue, or tissue-stimulating proteins to improve your body’s natural healing ability.

Post-operative Care
It is important to follow the post-operative instruction that will be given to you after your surgery. Smoking before and after grafting significantly decreases positive results.

After the socket fully heals, your periodontist can insert a dental implant. It can anchor a dental crown, bridge, or dentures to replace gaps left by missing teeth to give you a comfortable and beautiful smile.

To learn more about socket preservation bone grafting and find out if it’s right for you, call Jupiter Periodontics or book an appointment online today.