Full Mouth Reconstruction Jupiter FLA full mouth reconstruction refers to a number of procedures that can be done to significantly improve a person’s overall smile. There isn’t one procedure that reconstructs the mouth, but it is instead based on each person’s individual needs.
Most full mouth reconstructions involve both invasive and non-invasive procedures to make one’s smile look better, leading to whiter or straighter teeth or even healthier gums.

Common Reconstruction Procedures

The following is a list of some of the most common procedures that one can consider when undergoing a full mouth reconstruction.

Oral surgery:
Dental implants or gum disease treatments may require oral surgery. Both of these procedures are common when a person is wanting a full mouth reconstruction. As part of a healthy and attractive smile, healthy gums and a full set of teeth are usually desired. Oral surgery is required in order for dental implants to be placed, as well as for the gums to be repaired.

Another common procedure involved in a full mouth reconstruction is teeth whitening. Typically, in-office teeth whitening will take place to remove stains from the teeth. When a person wants to fix their smile, they usually aim to have whiter teeth, too. In-office whitening is simple and can be done over the course of a few appointments, in order to achieve a bright smile.

Tooth replacement:
Another popular part of a full mouth reconstruction is tooth replacement. While dental implants are widely used, it is important to realize that there are many other kinds of tooth replacement options, as well. Dentures, bridges and even dental crowns can all be used to replace missing or severely damaged teeth. Reconstructing the mouth often involves new teeth and with the help of these replacement options, that can easily be achieved.

Ready to improve your smile?

When someone considers improving or fixing their smile, they often turn to a full mouth reconstruction because the procedures involved tackle all kinds of issues. Ultimately, it is smart to get evaluated by a dental professional so that they can help you determine what the best procedures for you are.

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