Whether you lost your tooth due to an accident, gum disease and decay, or fractures, we understand how important it is to your confidence and quality of life to have a beautiful, full set of teeth. As the name suggests, dental implants replace missing teeth and restore function. If you are only missing a tooth or are not a candidate for other replacement options such as bridges or hybrid dentures, dental implants are the best, most trustworthy dental restoration solution for you. Unlike dentures that are at risk for sliding around your mouth, a dental implant is a permanent solution that stays put, and can only be removed by your dentist or periodontist.

There are many benefits to selecting dental implants over alternatives, including:

  • Preserving the jawbone and reducing future bone loss
  • Maintaining the shape of your face and a youthful appearance
  • Serving as the healthiest restorative measure for neighboring teeth

There are two procedures to complete the dental implant restoration process: implant placement and crown placement. The implant is custom made of either titanium or ceramic and will act as a new root for a crown to be placed upon, which will be customized to fit where the missing tooth was. Each crown is specifically designed to match the current color and texture of your surrounding teeth and shaped to provide the best look and feel. To begin treatment, we will start by getting a full medical history and discussing your desired results to determine if a dental implant is the best option for you.

Am I a candidate for Dental Implants in Palm Beach, FL

Dental implant surgery has an extremely high success rate. However, it will still be necessary for you to attend a consultation appointment to determine if it is the right solution for you and if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Dr. Rodriguez will begin with a thorough examination of your mouth, gums and teeth as well as a comprehensive medical evaluation to assess your candidacy for the procedure. You will most likely need an updated x-ray of the area and possibly a CT imaging scan during this stage to establish where the implants are required. These images will also help us determine if you have strong enough bone density to support the titanium posts.

You may be refused dental implant surgery if you:

  • are pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant in the next few months
  • are a heavy smoker
  • have insufficient jaw bone density to support the implant, or if your jawbones are still developing
  • have uncontrolled diabetes
  • suffer from an autoimmune condition
  • are a haemophiliac
  • have undergone any treatment that involved a high dose of radiation to the head/neck area, such as radiotherapy for cancer

What is the procedure like?

Dental Implants require several appointments with Dr. Rodriguez. At the surgical appointment he will then insert the implants into your jaw bone. Dr. Rodriguez is highly trained to insert the most adequate size implant in order to achieve the best long term results. All his implants are of well known reputable companies that have long term studies of exceptional results! The procedure is done under local anesthetic and so you should not feel any discomfort during the procedure. Once the implants are in place, you will be given temporary crowns or a temporary appliance.

The healing (integration) phase is typically 3-4 months.

Once the titanium posts are fully fused to your jawbone, you will return to have the temporary crowns replaced with your final, color-matched crowns by your General Dentist or Prosthodontist.